Since 1998, Marsh Marketing has served five of the top ten commercial real estate brokerage firms in a PR capacity, and for a decade, Gary led CORFAC International's public relations, media buying and advertising campaigns. Marsh Marketing has worked with some of the leading residential real estate firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm was very active in home building industry up until the 2009 recession, working for Shapell Homes, SummerHill Homes, Delco Builders and many others. In the commercial arena, Gary represented Catellus and Opus West for many years. He has also supported real estate finance, development and investment companies. His property expertise includes multifamily properties, single-family, townhouse and condominium projects, office and industrial properties, shopping centers and other retail developments, master-planned communities and adaptive reuse projects. Current clients include a Dallas-based and national finance firm, a Los Angeles-based and national commercial property investment firm, a South Florida commercial property services firm and numerous Bay Area property management, real estate services firms in both residential and commercial real estate.


BH Properties Top Story Austin Business Journal on Golfsmith HQ Acquisition
Great job. I've already gotten about 10 calls or emails.
Andrew Van Tuyle - BH Management, Inc.
Thank you for being a true media relations professional. I wish there were more like you and more companies that understand the value of media relations.
Jeff Quackenbush - North Bay Business Journal
Dear Stanley & Nigel,
If you don't know it, is one of the major online commercial real estate publications here in the US. And they picked up the press release on your firms joining.
Good job, Gary.
Susan Newman - International Media Coverage
Hi all,
Thanks for all the efforts. We also got coverage in Israel on a number of Hebrew eNews web sites.
I have had a number of responses to the news item which hopefully may lead to deals with affiliates.
As we say in Hebrew "Kol Hakavod" - you deserve the honor!
Stanley Finkelstein - SIOR REBC
"Brand X" was here when I took over a year ago. I replaced them with Marsh Marketing. Gary is the most effective PR/media management person I have worked with. He handled my business at Catellus too.
It is a subjective call at some point, but I can attest to the high hit ratio Gary has on media placement. His background as a reporter and good reputation are useful to his business. He also does event management when needed. He just gets results. I recommend him without qualification. As you also know, he won't take on competing accounts so it is fortunate he has an opening right now in the brokerage category.
Don Little - Opus West Corporation
You must have some serious pull with the NBBJ! Great job on writing the article, setting up our meeting and working your contacts for future articles. Cornish & Carey is lucky to have you as a consultant.
Kevin Foster - Cornish & Carey Commercial
Gary: Let's catch up when you have a chance...GREAT JOB re WSJ...Still responding to e-mails/calls/comments re WSJ!
Alfred V. Pace - Pacific Property Company
I hope you had a great Christmas with the family and I wish you best of luck next year.
I want to thank you for all you have done to support CORFAC and our members in 2014 and over your many years of service! I feel we have elevated our exposure due to your efforts and I am pleased with the returns.
David M. Boyd - Boyd Commercial LLC/CORFAC International
Gary, it did appear on Saturday and looks GREAT. This is a big hit for us. The photo is on the front page. Thank you for facilitating it.
Elissa - The O'Brien Group
Gary - I've been getting really good responses from your Bee article. The one below is from my very smart WFB Investment guy. Thought you'd like to see.
"Hi Bob- thank you for sharing this Sacramento Bee article and your new title of "The Pancake King". This is terrific for marketing. Best regards, Doug"
— Douglas MacFarlane - Wells Fargo Investments, LLC
Bob "P." King - TRI Commercial
Thanks for being there last night; you're a great wordsmith!
Margaret - Alain Pinel Realtors